Ever consider running for President or Prime Minister?


USA Today has an article about the legal careers of some of the candidates for the Presidency. As many of you know, Hilary Clinton is a lawyer. But while her work for children looks great on her resume, other parts of her career, such as her time at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock are kept out of the spotlight.

“There’s nothing at the Rose law firm that helps her. Nothing and no one,” says Susan Estrich, a Democratic strategist and law professor at the University of Southern California.

Ouch! Nonetheless, she was Board chairman of the non-profit Legal Services Corporation relatively early in her career (according to her White House bio, she was appointed in 1978, so she was around 31, not 29 as the USA Today article suggests). That is impressive in itself.

Read the article: “For next president, USA likely to call on lawyer”

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