Project for Attorney Retention

Part-time and flex-time jobs are tough to come by. And even when it is offered, those who elect to take these jobs sometimes complain of not getting good assignments, doing a lot of work for little money, etc.  For me, this alternative path issue is not strictly a women’s issue, but largely one of work-life balance in the profession and having some choices in the type of jobs that are available to lawyers.  Solo and small firms have explored these issues for years.  A group that studies part- and flex-time jobs and attorneys called Project for Attorney Retention has signed on several leading law firms to show their public committment to providing work/life balance options for their employees.  I can’t wait to see the group’s findings in the future and whether it will be able to offer some concrete suggestions to men/women who want more of a family life or retiring lawyers who want to ease their transition into retirement.

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