All women muslim law firm in Chicago area

newspaperRecently, Amal Law Group, LLC, an all women muslim law firm, opened in Palos Heights (Chicago area). The author of this Chicago Sun-Times article talks about Nikia Bilal’s husband, kids, personal history. All we know of her practice is that she is a general litigator. I’m thinking that it would have been nice (and fair reporting) if we were told about which law school she graduated from or what field the majority of her practice focuses on (general litigation doesn’t say much). It can’t imagine an article about a male lawyer that doesn’t mention these things.

p.s. I did some sleuthing. Nikia Bilal practices Family Law/Divorce/Custody and Civil Litigation (Federal/State Level). She graduated from DePaul University College of Law.

2 responses to “All women muslim law firm in Chicago area

  1. My name is Majdel Musa. I am one of Ms. Bilal’s parnters at Amal Law Group.

    I appreciate that you see the importance of the opening of an all women Muslim firm. However, I do not see why you were puzzled by the fact that the author didn’t mention where she went to school or what she practices.

    If this had been an article on the firm itself, then it would be necessary. But the author chose Ms. Bilal to get an African-American Muslim’s point of view on her world post 9-11. It was part of a week long series.

    We just opened our doors this month. In January we expect to have our “official launch.” We will be contacting the media regarding this event. Stay tuned.

  2. Assalamu ‘ Alaikum sister Majdel Musa. I am Vera Shabazz and I am CEO of Virginia’s House. My company is certified through the Chicago Minority Business Development Council, Inc. I have a pending 501(c3) . My purpose is to let you know that I am creating a web site titled to give small businesses a window to showcase their products, ideas and to network with other companies or to partner with others. I would like to discuss my company and web site with your law firm. Each business will be able to upload a thirty minute video for a membership fee of $39.95 per year. Ninety percent of the cost is to provide housing for families of domestic violence and those who are living in abuse shelters.

    This is strictly a business web site and one which I hope will allow established businesses to partner with the lessor known businesses. To generate clients or revenue and networking possibilities for all who apply.

    I will follow up with an offical letter requesting your business. Until then please call me toll free at 1-877-300-4446 with any questions.

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