W.I.L.D. Woman inspires scholarship: Dame Rose Heilbron

I love the inspirational stories behind scholarships, education trusts, and the “gift” of education in general.  Here is a news article about a new scholarship in the name and memory of Dame Rose Heilbron.  Dame Heilbron was, among other “firsts”, the first women to lead an English murder trial.  Read more about her distinguished career in this Telegraph obituary.  Cherie Booth QC, wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, was also on hand to give a speech aimed at inspiring young women to go into the legal profession (she has an impressive legal career herself).

The next time you revise your will, think about setting up an education trust for your kids or grandkids or even complete strangers with potential.  It’s a shame to think that so many potential legal minds out there aren’t being developed because people can’t afford education.

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