Britney Spears: Tough Client?

turntableAs anyone who reads the Hollywood gossip pages know, Britney Spears is in a custody battle with her ex-husband for her two kids. According to, Britney’s divorce-custody lawyer Laura Wasser is parting ways with the popstar:

“I don’t want anyone to perceive that we’re dumping Britney,” Wasser added. “In a lot of attorney-client relationships, there comes a time when some fresh blood is necessary.”

I’m not sure what circumstances are necessary for “fresh blood.” But I think any client dis-engagement explanation containing the word “blood” can’t be a good thing. The next time you have a tough client, just remember, at least s/he is not Britney Spears.

Good luck to incoming attorney Marci Levine of Freid and Goldsman.

UPDATE: reports that Britney has a new lawyer (again), Sorrell Trope.  He has a kind face. Maybe he can help her…

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