Is making money a problem for single female lawyers?

There’s an article in the Times Online that touches upon an issue I heard about a lot while I was working in Chicago…single women who find that men are intimidated by their jobs/money.

For the first time women in their twenties are earning more than their male counterparts in at least five American cities, including New York, Boston and Chicago. In Dallas, young women earn on average 20% more than men.

The study, by Professor Andrew Beveridge of Queens College in New York, concluded that women’s increasing affluence was largely the result of growing numbers of female university graduates. More than 50% of women in full-time work have college degrees, compared with 38% of men.

The figures change dramatically once women enter their thirties – when many start families and fall behind men in the promotion race.

A contributor to another “dating down” discussion noted that “most of my single women lawyer friends identify themselves as an airline stewardess if they are trying to meet men, even in a fun setting like a bar”.

Hmmm… I would not encourage anyone to start off any relationship on a lie.

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