Elizabeth Edwards and Michelle Obama

There’s been a lot of focus on the fact that the U.S. could soon have its first female president who is a lawyer. Let’s turn now to the possibility of having a female first lady who is a lawyer.

This abc news article provides some background about the potential First Ladys, who of whom are lawyers –and highly successful ones at that.

Elizabeth Edwards was a bankrupcy lawyer. She and John got married days after their bar exam! (I don’t know how she planned that and studied for the bar exam. Wow!)

Michelle Obama worked at the Chicago firm of Sidley & Austin. Quite impressive. A little of more snooping and this Newsweek article tells us that when the couple met, Michelle was an associate assigned to mentor Barak who was a summer intern. Ohhh…office romance! That’s a no-no! But I guess it all turned out okay 🙂

Perhaps it is only fair to mention that if Hilary Clinton becomes President, the spouse of this president will be a lawyer as well. But Bill Clinton’s law licence was suspended and that’s not exactly a “positive” story for our profession!

On a personal note, my husband and I met in law school. He too told me at one time he would like to be president. For the record, I would make a GREAT first lady 🙂

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