Don’t ask Glamour about hairstyles

Usually writes about New York City gossip which has no relevance in my life. But a blurb about a presentation at a law firm certainly shocked me and apparently a high power editor too:

ALWAYS composed Cindi Leive – the Glamour editrix who presides over the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) – shocked staffers at a recent editorial meeting when she became “outraged” and “furious” at fashion editor Ashley Baker. Leive had just read a story in American Lawyer magazine, which reported that during a presentation in June to a group of women at a law firm, Baker had declared that “dreadlocks or Afros are a definite ‘no.’ ” Glamour insiders said Baker didn’t have permission to speak to the group.

Law firm culture is different from real world culture, that’s for sure, but I shudder to imagine a law firm culture that would look down on dreads or an Afro.

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