Minority Female Associates: We Aren’t Happy, But We’re Here!

Law.com has an article that asks “Why are Minority Female Associates Leaving Law Firms?”  It doesn’t give any solutions, but there are some interesting observations about the data collected from a survey of associates:

In a few areas, the gap between minority female midlevels and other groups seemed like a chasm. Most dramatically, minority women rated their firm’s dedication to diversity more harshly than any other group, including minority men. When it came to assigning work, minority women thought the distribution of work less fair than white men did; white women and minority men were somewhere in the middle. Likewise, minority women felt that they had been given less responsibility than white men did.

Not surprisingly, perhaps, 13.5 percent of minority female midlevels said they were actively seeking a new job, the highest percentage of any group.

As a female, a minority, and a lawyer, all I have to say is this: as people get used to us, things will get better, my sisters!!!  Be strong!!!

Here are the raw statistics from the Minority Experience Study if you are interested.

One response to “Minority Female Associates: We Aren’t Happy, But We’re Here!

  1. Grace, you may enjoy another blogger, Kira Fonteneau at http://www.kirafonteneau.com/
    She is a very talented lawyer and speaker on issues of diversity and with a very fresh, sophisticated voice.

    Also, looking forward to reading more on your blog.

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