The olden days were not alway the good days

Law Times has an article describing a recent speech by Constance Backhouse, a professor of law at the University of Ottawa and president-elect of the American Society for Legal History, which related a story about a law class in the 1970s.  The author of the article, Gary Lloyd Gottlieb, provided a summary:

“A prominent practitioner and instructor in the course on law office administration was lecturing on legal secretaries.

His written teaching text advised new lawyers to post help wanted ads “[Seeking] a beautiful young and confidential secretary . . . . Unless very beautiful you should be able to take shorthand on machine dictation . . . . You should be a whiz at making good coffee . . . .”

A group of female students objected to the sexist and manipulative course content. When one of them stood up and strode down to the instructor’s podium, ripped the offending pages out of the loose-leaf text and threw them into the garbage as she left the room, the instructor bellowed that she could send the pages back along with her brassieres.”

Good gosh!

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