Julia Gillard: First female deputy prime minister for Australia

Julia Gillard is a former lawyer who is going to be the deputy prime minister for Australia this week.  Since PM Kevin Rudd is going to the climate change talks, she gets the top spot for about 60 hours.  It’s news according to the Herald Sun and other publications because she’ll be the first female acting PM in Australia’s history.

Every female politician has her horror stories about life in politics, but I can’t believe some of the stuff that she has had to put up with:

“The infamous photo of her in her spotless kitchen nearly three years ago incited cruel criticism, with some claiming a childless, single woman with an empty fruit bowl could not possibly become Australia’s first female prime minister.

Yesterday Ms Gillard would not comment on NSW Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan’s slur that she was “deliberately barren”, but said she was proud of what she had accomplished.”

Deliberately barren!?!  This is exactly why women don’t go into politics.  Critics are downright nasty and rude about the tough choices women make about family and careers and no choice is safe against unfair attacks.

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