Civility Among Lawyers

A judge ordered court supervision for a lawyer, Thomas B. Decea of Danzig Fishman & Decea, over the course of the remaining depositions in a case after the lawyer exhibited “objectionable conduct” towards a female opposing counsel, Ms. Michelle A. Rice.

“This is not a white collar interview that you’re sitting here interviewing something with your cute little thing going on,” Decea said, according to the transcript, later telling her it was “nothing personal, dear.”

After Rice told Decea she thought his comments were indeed personal and offensive, he said: “Your skin is getting thin now.”

The article about this court order states that he also called Ms. Rice “”hon” and “girl” and asked her why she was not wearing a wedding ring.”

By the way,  Ms. Rice is a named partner of Arkin Kaplan & Rice.  I want to thank her for coming out and doing this. Many young female associates are often unsure about “going public” when things like this happen and we need the partners to help set the record straight on the type of behaviour that will not be tolerated. 

Here is a copy of the decision

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