Have you ever cried at work?

In this Boston.com article, women weigh in on Hillary Clinton’s “moment” before the New Hampshire primary.  The women that the author of the article interviewed were sympathetic to the uncharacteristic showing of vulnerability that the candidate expressed and which commentators have said may have gained her some votes.

Some of the women in the article quoted are partners at law firms.  I must say that in the highly charged environment that law firms are generally, it’s not uncommon to see tears. At my current small(er) firm, I am surprised to say that I haven’t seen any (yet).  At my old job, I remember that I’ve shed a few tears of frustration in my office, other female associates and secretaries have cried in my office, I’ve comforted other crying women in their office, in the bathroom, etc.  

Is it a sign of weakness? Or a good sign that we invest so much, emotionally speaking, in our jobs and the people we work with?

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