Is that what women lawyers think of each other? Really?

I just got my February 2008 issue of the ABA Journal which has an article with survey results purporting to show what women lawyers really think of each other.

“The 4,449 who responded in this self-selecting survey were asked whether they perceived gender-related differences in workplace performance and behavior.

On most questions, a majority said they perceived no difference. But among those who perceived differences, some were dramatic. The following charts reflect the opinions of those who perceived gender differences.”

Ah, you have to read the article carefully.  As one person in the online comments to the article noted, the “real story” is that 58% said that gender didn’t matter.

But the article focuses on the 42% in the charts.

I hope that the ABA Journal will do another article on why the 58% think the way it does.

Read the comments as well. They are really interesting!

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