Another lawyer and hairstyle scandal

Did you read the news about Heather Mills tossing/pouring/hurling a jug(?) of water over the head of Paul McCartney’s lawyer?

The lawyer’s name is Fiona Shackleton and she is famous for representing Prince Charles in his divorce. I’m sure she appreciates what Sir Paul had to go through now!

Here is a follow up article in the Telegraph discussing Ms. Shackleton’s look. And another. And one from the Daily Mail with lots of pictures.

Apparently a wet, sexy lawyer is something to write about.

Do you recall the other lawyer and hairstyle scandal?  Geez louise!

3 responses to “Another lawyer and hairstyle scandal

  1. Yes Grace I read it and I wrote about it too. Oh and by the way I work in a law firm and I have locks and we women sure have a hell of a lot to put up with including crap from other women

  2. I think that this is a story to write about for the reason that this was a case of interest internationally. Her reaction to the decision is news worthy, and not the fact that any lawyer was wet or sexy no?

  3. womeninlawdaily

    oh, i agree completely! Heather’s reaction and the amount in dispute are both newsworthy. But i think the media also loved having a before/after pic of the lawyer as well. Newspapers and the public love ‘ugly duckling to swan’ stories, doesn’t matter who the subject matter is. Just look at all those popular reality shows featuring makeovers. Ms Shackleton was just another person caught in the makeover spotlight for a second.

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