Chatelaine 80th Anniversary

Congrats to Chatelaine magazine on their 80th anniversary issue.  For those who have not heard of it before, Chatelaine is a magazine “for Canadian women.”  I couldn’t find the piece I just read online, but in the magazine, there is a feature called “80 women to watch” which was a fantastic read.  I found at least 3 lawyers/former lawyers in the mix.

It’s only $1.99 at the newstands this month, well worth the price!! 

Or, go to and browse around.  They have a section ( showing their past covers and I just LOVE the old illustrated ones.  Bring those back!!!!!


2 responses to “Chatelaine 80th Anniversary

  1. Hello! I’ve just come across this post and I would love to be able to see the cover gallery but it seems the link is broken or no longer available, do you know where else could I see them? Thank you very much! 😀

  2. I leave my email in case you could help me. Thanks!

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