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Working Women And Pregnancy

Anyone reading this blog ever throw up at work due to nausea from pregnancy?  Anyone have the experience of telling their boss the “great news” and asking the senior partner for maternity leave?  Anyone have tips on how to juggle preparing for an arbitration, drafting a statement of defence, and holding a plastic throw-up bag in your hand, all at the same time?

Pregnant lawyers and working mommies everywhere, please comment with tips and stories!!!


Funding for maternity leave for small firms?

Some ideas are just brilliant.  Even me, critic of the year, can’t say bad things about this idea:

Lawyers going on mat leave is a popular topic around the water cooler in law firms big and small. Let’s bring the issue out into the forefront and make things easier for the mommies!

How many hours constitutes “full time” now?

The Blawgshere is abuzz with comments on this American Lawyer article “On Life Support.”

Here is the passage that caught my eye:

“In the 1970s, my dad, who was a partner at a respected California firm, made sure that our family spent most of each August river rafting, and that we took some fishing trips during the rest of the year. In 1963, the ABA considered 1,300 billable hours full-time.”

What?!?  1,300 hrs?!? 

As I tell myself all the time, if I really hated my hours, I can always quit.  There are no physical handcuffs keeping me at my job.  I hope that anyone who is unsatified with their legal job recognizes that truth.

Women lawyers and their “dating quotient”

I’m reading a piece about a food editor/columnist who is being analyzed by “The Truth About Dating” columnist and author Steve Penner to determine her “dating quotient.”  They talk about her age, her relationship history, blah blah blah, and then Penner gets to career:

Profession-wise women lawyers are the worst. Writing professions are good, creative professions are good if you want an intelligent man…

Whoa!!!  What is that supposed to mean, “the worst”?  I love my women friends who are lawyers.  I hope that the single men out there give them a chance and don’t become intimidated by my girls.  They make good money and provide for their families and friends. They are thoughtful and considerate.  Give them a chance!

Young women finding work-life balance early in their careers has an article this week about female lawyers making decisions to have the work-life balance they want earlier in their careers rather than forcing themselves to compete with the workaholics at large firms. 

I must say, working at 10 pm at night is way more enjoyable than being at work at 11 am.  At home, I’m in comfy clothes and I don’t have to shuffle through everyone else’s print jobs every time I print.  Working from home is great if you have the discipline! 

Lawyers and Maternity Leave

Very interesting article about maternity leave at the Financial Post website today. 

I completely understand the difficulty in deciding when to have children.  Most of the lawyers in my age group are waiting rather than having kids early in their careers.  For me personally though, I’m at a good law firm that “walks the talk.” Even so, I very highly doubt that I would ever take the full year off.  Who can afford to? 

I like the idea of having dad take time off.  I hope my husband will.  But before we get to that topic, I need to get to the point where he’s ok with us trying to have kids first!

How far have we come since Carrie Morrison, the first female solicitor, was admitted?

I was struck again by the progress that women lawyers have made in the short time that we have been permitted to practice after reading this article describing recent celebrations of the 85th anniversary of the admission of Carrie Morrison, the first female solicitor (in England/Wales).  Despite the progress, there are, of course, still worrying themes like the retention ratios.  Perhaps by the 100th anniversary all things will be equal… women will want to stay in the practice and more men will find that being a stay at home dad is their true calling…