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“Mommy penalty” and “Daddy bonus” in law firms

I haven’t heard of those terms before, but apparently they exist.


Glass ceiling?

Interesting discussion in the comments on the new NAPL study here:

I’m glad I’m not in Biglaw.

Spend X amount on your law degree…then stay home

Between work, being pregnant and studying for my licence, I haven’t had much time to post, but a new study caught my eye.  This study showed, among other professions, that 21% of Harvard women who became lawyers chose to stay home with their children . 

The study is titled “Opt-Out Patterns Across Careers: Labor Force Participation Rates Among Educated Mothers” from the UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business:

“Feminist Law Firm”?

A law firm that only represents women?  I can see both pros and cons with that idea…

First trimester craziness continues

This might not be news, but it appears that we working women like to share our trials and tribulations, so I’m going to occasionally post about my pregnancy and work days here.

I’m almost at 9 weeks. The nausea is horrible. I had an arbitration on monday and tuesday during which I was on mediation for the nausea and vomiting and had some relief.  But then after that, the medication didn’t work as well and I threw up anyways. Plus I was so tired I had to take wednesday off.  And so the work at the office continued to pile up…and up…and up.  

Last night I had to finish drafting a factum for an appeal.  I tried all day to do it but I had such horrible bloating that I had trouble focusing. “morning sickness” in the morning, afternoon and night!  Finally at 10pm, my stomach settled down. So I bunkered down and wrote and wrote and wrote.  It was 3 a.m. by the time I crawled into bed. 

How can something the size of a kidney bean affect me so much??? 

I’m happy to report that my husband has been supportive during the pregnancy. He even listened to me go on and on about my appeal right before bed so that I could get it off my mind and sleep soundly.  He’s an angel.

Working Women And Pregnancy

Anyone reading this blog ever throw up at work due to nausea from pregnancy?  Anyone have the experience of telling their boss the “great news” and asking the senior partner for maternity leave?  Anyone have tips on how to juggle preparing for an arbitration, drafting a statement of defence, and holding a plastic throw-up bag in your hand, all at the same time?

Pregnant lawyers and working mommies everywhere, please comment with tips and stories!!!

Funding for maternity leave for small firms?

Some ideas are just brilliant.  Even me, critic of the year, can’t say bad things about this idea:

Lawyers going on mat leave is a popular topic around the water cooler in law firms big and small. Let’s bring the issue out into the forefront and make things easier for the mommies!

Another lawyer and hairstyle scandal

Did you read the news about Heather Mills tossing/pouring/hurling a jug(?) of water over the head of Paul McCartney’s lawyer?

The lawyer’s name is Fiona Shackleton and she is famous for representing Prince Charles in his divorce. I’m sure she appreciates what Sir Paul had to go through now!

Here is a follow up article in the Telegraph discussing Ms. Shackleton’s look. And another. And one from the Daily Mail with lots of pictures.

Apparently a wet, sexy lawyer is something to write about.

Do you recall the other lawyer and hairstyle scandal?  Geez louise!

Lawyers and Gambling

It’s sad to read about lawyers who have lost their practice.  I know how hard all of us have worked in order to pass the bar, build a practice, and establish a name in the community.  Here is an article describing what the media is calling a “fallen lawyer”.  The lesson: lawyers are not immune to the problems of society.

Lawyers And Image: The “Hotness” Factor

The American Lawyer reports that an insider blog ran a contest recently to determine the hottest female associate at Skadden, a large firm based in the US.  Due to the controversy, the hottest male associate contest has been suspended.

I’m sure that people talk all about how “hot” the nominated associates are within the firm and outside. It’s fun, no doubt.  But when talk is memorialized on the internet, it becomes something else entirely, doesn’t it? I wonder if the winner and nominees are happy or upset with this type of publicity about their appearance rather than the quality of their work.