Appointments and Disappointments

Do you think you would make a good judge? What are the qualities that a judge should have? What skills are needed?  Do female candidates have what it takes.

Here is a great commentary in The Herald by Alistair Bonnington, a soliciter advocate in Scotland.  Don’t always believe it when people tell you that there just aren’t enough qualified candidates.


W.I.L.D. Woman: Bella Abzug

Bella Abzug.  What an inspiration!!!

We need more women worldwide to heed her call (used in her successful 1970 campaign):

“This woman’s place is in the House — the House of Representatives”

See Wiki and this tribute.

Chatelaine 80th Anniversary

Congrats to Chatelaine magazine on their 80th anniversary issue.  For those who have not heard of it before, Chatelaine is a magazine “for Canadian women.”  I couldn’t find the piece I just read online, but in the magazine, there is a feature called “80 women to watch” which was a fantastic read.  I found at least 3 lawyers/former lawyers in the mix.

It’s only $1.99 at the newstands this month, well worth the price!! 

Or, go to and browse around.  They have a section ( showing their past covers and I just LOVE the old illustrated ones.  Bring those back!!!!!


How many hours constitutes “full time” now?

The Blawgshere is abuzz with comments on this American Lawyer article “On Life Support.”

Here is the passage that caught my eye:

“In the 1970s, my dad, who was a partner at a respected California firm, made sure that our family spent most of each August river rafting, and that we took some fishing trips during the rest of the year. In 1963, the ABA considered 1,300 billable hours full-time.”

What?!?  1,300 hrs?!? 

As I tell myself all the time, if I really hated my hours, I can always quit.  There are no physical handcuffs keeping me at my job.  I hope that anyone who is unsatified with their legal job recognizes that truth.

Another lawyer and hairstyle scandal

Did you read the news about Heather Mills tossing/pouring/hurling a jug(?) of water over the head of Paul McCartney’s lawyer?

The lawyer’s name is Fiona Shackleton and she is famous for representing Prince Charles in his divorce. I’m sure she appreciates what Sir Paul had to go through now!

Here is a follow up article in the Telegraph discussing Ms. Shackleton’s look. And another. And one from the Daily Mail with lots of pictures.

Apparently a wet, sexy lawyer is something to write about.

Do you recall the other lawyer and hairstyle scandal?  Geez louise!

Lawyers as “Political Wives”

Canada’s National Post has an article about political wives in the US and Canada. The author leads with the topical nod to Silda Wall Spitzer, the wife of NY governor Eliot Spitzer, then comments on other famous political wives such as Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, etc. 

Silda, Hilary and Michelle are all lawyers. I wonder if it is difficult for them to stand to the side while their husbands talk politics and policy. I know I couldn’t handle it. I know that when someone asks for my husband for his political opinions, I’m always trying to jump in too (sorry, honey!)  I suppose it’s like waiting for opposing counsel to finish an argument in court, except for these ladies, it’s rarely their turn.  And when it is their turn to speak, surely they have to pass their opinions through a filter to make sure they don’t contradict their husband’s words on the same issue.  It’s almost like their spouse is their client and they can only ever express their client’s opinions in public. 

In any case, that is all speculation.  Who says that these ladies even want to comment or have political opinions (well, of course, I’m sure Hillary does)? They all have kids and work too.  Chances are that if they are standing next to their husband being ignored by the reporters, they are thinking to themselves ‘I have to remember to schedule a dental appointment for kid X for monday…’ or ‘oh, I should check whether the state laws permit a non-profit to X’.  We all know that women are multi-taskers!

Lawyers and Gambling

It’s sad to read about lawyers who have lost their practice.  I know how hard all of us have worked in order to pass the bar, build a practice, and establish a name in the community.  Here is an article describing what the media is calling a “fallen lawyer”.  The lesson: lawyers are not immune to the problems of society.