About The Author and This Site

Grace works in a law firm and is married to a lawyer. This blog provides daily news and links to information and discussions about women in the practice of law. Feel free to comment or to email your comments directly to legaleditor at gmail.com.

5 responses to “About The Author and This Site

  1. How can we subscribe to your blog? I must have missed the subscribe box. Thanks.

  2. Hi Chere,

    If you are using Internet Explorer, you can press Alt + J and a little pop up will show you the feed on any given website.

    For this website, bookmark:

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Hello,
    I enjoy your writing, your blog is unique. I have a DUI Law blog (my url)which also has a PR 3 and I was hoping you would exchange links. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Nicholas Polino

  4. Have you stopped writing?

  5. Hello Grace,
    For some reason Akismet marked your comment about (I think it was) my Secord Trails review. While trying to reply, Akismet automatically deleted it, along with my reply. As I believe it incredibly rude not to reply to someone who took the time to comment, I will do so here. Your comment is greatly appreciated, and I’m thrilled you found my writeup useful. I hope you find many more to your liking.
    Bye for now,

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