Working Women And Pregnancy

Anyone reading this blog ever throw up at work due to nausea from pregnancy?  Anyone have the experience of telling their boss the “great news” and asking the senior partner for maternity leave?  Anyone have tips on how to juggle preparing for an arbitration, drafting a statement of defence, and holding a plastic throw-up bag in your hand, all at the same time?

Pregnant lawyers and working mommies everywhere, please comment with tips and stories!!!

2 responses to “Working Women And Pregnancy

  1. Girl I feel your pain. I remember holding it in for as long as I could luckily I made it through the meeting and the bathroom was right next door.

    I bolted for the sink as fast as I could and made it phew!

    Moral do your work in the bathroom.

    I also kept an unending supply of salt chinese sweets or salted chinese ginger which kept the feeling at bay. This I got from a chines neighbour.

  2. clairvoyance says : I absolutely agree with this !

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